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Devorah Steinecker, D.O.

Over 35 Years experience as an adult Neurologist with special training in Child Development and Osteopathic Cranial therapy. Whether your headache is tension related, Migraine or from a closed head injury, we can help with non-drug therapies that work.

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Headache Specialist

Osteopathic Treatment for Headaches

Headache and Migraine can be painful and distracting as well as decreasing the quality of life for the sufferer and family members. Osteopathic Manipulation has been clinically shown to reduce severity and duration and in some cases eliminate future onset. In light of new evidence casting a shadow on the use of NSAIDs it is important for patients to know there is an alternative to drug therapy that is safe and effective. Osteopathic Cranial can provide relief for many headache disorders, both structural and vascular.

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