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Devorah Steinecker, D.O.

Over 40 Years experience as an adult Neurologist with special training in Pediatric Neurodevelopment and Osteopathic Cranial therapy.  We thank all the people who provided these testimonials and letters of appreciation in support of Holistic Pediatrics and Family Health.

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Testimonials and Thank You letters in support of Holistic Pediatrics and Family Health

Devorah identified the root of my experience of pain in my body within seconds of beginning to work on my neck. Over the course of the next hour she worked gently and thoroughly, approaching that place of old trauma and source of 14 years of chronic pain, from many directions. In just 3 sessions I have had an over 50% reduction in both the severity of the pain and the number of hours it dominates my life. I am grateful for her deep and broad wisdom and the commitment she has brought to every minute of her work with me.


For years we had a deep longing to find a physician who would connect with our child as well as ourselves. The array of neuro-biological challenges our son faced left us feeling confused and exhausted. The care that we have received with Dr. Steinecker has been a constant for us. We found a very skilled physician who seemed to sense what we needed, often without our even being able to say it. Healing has come to our family members through her gifts as an incredibly caring and skilled osteopathic physician, and her capacity for deeply listening to us. Dr. Steinecker has continued to hold us in a special place that we can only describe as a sacred physician-patient relationship. We are so very fortunate and blessed to know her as our physician for the past 15 years.

Cathy and Joseph DeLeon

Redmond, WA

I have been seeing Dr. Steinecker for over 5 years now. I originally went in for a shoulder that was so sore and painful that I remember crying on the table that first time. The doctor was so reassuring and the office so peaceful and full of care that I began to relax and let Dr. Steinecker heal me. Dr. Steinecker was able to heal my arm and a myriad of other back and body issues throughout the past years. I don’t have to go too often to be helped immensely, unlike chiropractic where they want to see you many times a week for months. Devorah Steinecker truly cares about her patients, remembering my children’s names and my current life. I can’t recommend her enough to those people who have issues with their bodies that have been left unresolved by other health care professionals.

Ann G., Elementary School Teacher/Mom

Woodinville, WA

Dr. Devorah and her family practice…where does one begin! Our story began with the birth of my daughter 3.5 years ago. The pregnancy was text book, so we settled in for an easy delivery. Well, things didn’t go quite as planned. Gabby, my daughter, was delivered with her hand up at her face and the cord around her left arm and leg…this was after needing vacuum extraction to aid in the delivery. Even so, after the birth everything again seemed text book. Things changed a few hours later with Gabby’s body temperature not regulating, her heart rate over 200, oxygen levels in the 80 and a glucose of 10!

When we finally made it home with Gabby after a month, our friend had a chance run in with our fabulous delivery nurse whose daughter had been seeing Dr. Devorah for a long time. She shared Dr. Devorah’s information with my friend. I also had (previously) heard about Dr. Devorah (although I didn’t know it was the same kind person) when I worked at a preschool. A mom shared her daughter’s story of struggle and triumph with me years before. The parent was sure that without the help of Dr. Devorah that her daughter wouldn’t be the happy healthy kid she is today. So, after the 2 encounters with references to Dr. Devorah, I decided to make the appointment and see firsthand what she had to offer.

We were welcomed with open arms by both Dr. Devorah and David…as well as the families in the waiting area. Everyone’s story was unique, but all with the common bond of this healing place.

Gabby was so cranky and seemingly uncomfortable when we began treatments, but soon became a happier more comforted child. We saw her eyes slowly become more clear, and she was never healthier than when we were able to go on a frequent basis. The love and care that envelopes you, even as you just sit there and observe her work her magic, is tough to put in words. Through Devorah and David I have learned about so many things, seen just true desire to help and heal….We always looked forward to our appointments…

I am honored to have been able to see with my own eyes what such dedication can do. Dr. Devorah’s continued work and healing is a blessing, and I so hope and pray many other families can have the experiences we have. Thank you.

Thank you.

Kim S., Early Childhood Ed. Teacher

Everett, WA

My family has seen Dr. Steinecker almost every week for the last three years. My daughter, Claire, was born with a rare genetic syndrome, and we started visiting Dr. Steinecker when she was a few months old after hearing that osteopathic treatment could improve low tone, one of the hallmark symptoms of my daughter’s syndrome. The Doctor and David were one of the few practices we visited in the first few months (and there were a lot) that saw Claire for who she was—not a floppy baby but a bright, funny little girl. While Dr. Steinecker is extremely knowledgeable and has an impressive medical background, she never forgets that she is treating people, not a diagnosis. Through Dr. Steinecker’s treatments, Claire tone improved. Claire was also noticeably more alert, interactive, and vocal as an infant after starting the treatments—traits that are often slow to develop in kids with Claire’s syndrome. Claire has hit most developmental milestones on time, and today is an active (sometimes too active), talkative, smart toddler.

My husband and I don’t have any family in the Seattle area, and, in many way, Dr. Steinecker and David are our family. Their office is a warm, inviting place—and you can tell walking in the door that all their patients feel this way. Dr. Steinecker treats everyone in our family, whether or not we are the one lying on her table.

Cari B., Attorney

Redmond, WA

The girls and I would like to thank you for the incredible care you gave all of us. I never imagined that cranial sacral therapy could help us so much. All of the girls have improved greatly with their health, focus in school, and physical growth. I had no idea that compression from birth at the back of the head could stunt growth. After you worked on Sarah, we were amazed at how fast she grew from the 20 percentile to the 50-plus percentile ~ just like you said she would! Lauryn’s handwriting looks beautiful now; smaller and perfectly formed letters. Julie Anne finds it so much easier to focus in subjects that in the past did not hold her interest. And I am thrilled that you were able to clear my sinuses after almost two months of needless misery.

Thank so much. We will never forget you.

The Ford Family

Dr. Steinecker, Thanks for the treatment. My daughter was the happiest I have seen her in months after the treatment. Her neck and shoulder pain was gone ( a huge relief) so she was running and playing like a pain free kid. Throwing the ball for our border collie for an hour. She told me her head felt “less compacted” and” things are moving around”. She only had one OCD event last night instead of the usual multiple events. I am so grateful. She told me that she loves you and wishes you lived closer. She is afraid that you will go to LA and not come to Seattle again. I told her you are still coming here… Please tell me I am right?

Susan K-U Enumclaw, WA

Dr. Devorah worked wonders for my 15 month old girl. R. was getting sullen, did not laugh or smile much, was not crawling or interested in walking, and was diagnosed with hypotonia. After the first treatment, R. laughed immediately – a big reassuring belly laugh. Two months later she is a happy and active toddler. We feel that Dr. Devorah and her wonderful staff helped get my happy baby back. She has a wonderful touch , kind bedside manner and therapeutic hands. We enjoyed going to her office as a whole family because the atmosphere is so caring.

Seattle Parents

Dr. Devorah Steinecker and David are like family to us. We first visited them more than three years ago on the recommendation of an occupational therapist, in somewhat of a daze of visiting health professionals after a difficult diagnosis for our son. We had heard of osteopathic treatments to relieve cranial stress, but were skeptical over its potential to benefit our son. Dr. Devorah showed a remarkable ability to be patient and intuit what was troubling our son. Over the last three years, we have seen (slow but steady) visible signs of progress, and seen a sparkling young boy emerge. A significant share of the credit for this goes to Dr. Steinecker, who in addition to being an objective medical professional, has provided a lot of emotional support to a family in distress. Testament to their importance, and our dependence, is when she briefly considered moving the practice to Sedona, AZ, we were both (trying to be) supportive while at the same time, selfishly hoping she would stay so Dr. Steinecker would continue to practice osteo-cranial treatments in the area. We are grateful to both Dr. Devorah for her medical prowess as well as to Dave for helping us navigate through the (sometimes) minefield of medical insurance. We feel lucky to have them as advocates for us and our son.

Harmit and Chandni, Research Scientist and MBA/Mom

Shoreline, WA

I have been coming to work with Dr. Devorah for about 15 years and we were one of her very first patients. I do not quite remember how we actually found them in the days before the internet, but we were living in Alaska, and desperately needing the holistic care that Dr. Devorah brought to our family. Over the years Dr. Devorah has worked with every one of us in our family for profound reasons in our journeys to balance and health.
Dr. Devorah had worked with my son Natan, who is now 20 when he was 5 years old to help him balance the drainage of his tubes to help him to avoid tube surgery. He has come back to her in his life as a young adult to help him with sinus issues and she has been “right on the money” in referral for allergy testing for him, that changed his life to health after many years of being “clogged up.”

When my daughter Lieba was 2 years old, and we came to her office to work with my older son, Dr. Devorah sensed that something was unusual about her development because she observed her tantrum behaviors. Through her thorough interview process, she uncovered a unique “in utero” history as a twin sharing the womb. Dr. Steinecker explained to me how twins are at risk growing in a tight space. It was her professional opinion that my daughter’s brain needed additional touch and nurturing to fully grow and develop. I wasn’t sure at the time, but Dr. Devorah’s diagnosis was spot on.

Dr. Devorah’s deep intuitive sense was again correct because over the next decade extreme learning disabilities and dyslexia unfolded for my daughter Lieba. We committed ourselves to treatment with Dr. Devorah and traveled almost weekly for nearly a year from Portland to Seattle for treatments that would change Lieba’s life. We also learned other holistic practices our family incorporated. Lieba is now a healthy 10th grader who is a straight A student!

Her twin brother Ilan has always had difficulty with attention and focus, as well as the inability to sit still or complete a project. Osteopathic treatments and a change in his diet (that Dr. Devorah recommend) changed my son’s life. Dr. Devorah also helped Ilan compose a song for his Bar Mitzvah that represented the depth of his growth and of their relationship together. Ilan too is now a solid 10th grader with the most committed intentionality to his music, his running, his faith and his homework.

I was so jealous that my children continued to balance out their lives that I could not watch this healing touch happening from the chair on the sidelines anymore. I also was at a professional workshop on sensory regulation where posture, attention and stress were discussed and realized that these had been issues of mine since childhood. I therefore wondered if Dr. Devorah could help me too.

In addition to many physical issues, as a grown mom and adult, Dr. Devorah has helped me to take hold of anger issues that have stemmed from childhood in a moving and lasting way. Her powerful work has helped me to relax and feel gratitude as a human being for my life.

All this unbelievable benefit to all of our lives has been worth immeasurably more than the inconvenience and expense of long rides with small kids. It is with the deepest emotion and gratitude that I offer my story to others.

Linda B., Speech PathologistPortland, OR

Dear Devorah,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for Malia’s last minute appointment. You kindly fit us in to your busy day and gave Malia the best treatment EVER!! (well, the first one where she cried for the first time in her life and finally woke up was pretty amazing too). Since the treatment she has been so joyful, playful, smily and happier than ever. She’d been having such a tough time with her teeth coming in that I think your treatment took care of her tightness everywhere in her body. She wakes from naps and in the a.m. happy instead of crying and is a new little person.

You are truly amazing!!!

Thank you so very much,

MG3 (malia, mark and marcy)

Joe is feeling Soooooooooo much better. He said you really fixed his feet and I can say his mood is improved like 100 pc. Hope it lasts!